Every morning is a new opportunity to reach for joy.

We’re here to help you get there.


sacred codependency recovery 

Welcome to Sacred Codependency Recovery
a community with a common vision of hope, healing,
restoration, faith, and better relationships. 

We want to see positive change in the world – in particular, relationships. We want you to be so darn happy with your relationships that your cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much!

We understand that you’re trying, and you’ve come so far!  Super proud of you for that.

We’re here to help you grow, heal, evolve, and experience more peace and joy along your life journey.

We also want you to fall madly, deeply in love with this mystical creation we call God.

Seriously, to the moon and back kind of love.

Regardless of where you’ve been or where you are, you’re not alone. And, you are worthy of so much goodness.

About Us

Sacred Codependency Recovery is an online space designed to furnish you with a plethora of sacred, wise, practical information and tools to help you best show up experiencing more joy on this planet.

We’re passionate about a lot of things, and we really want you to: 

***Connect in a deeper way with the Divine

***Connect in a deeper way with yourself

***Help you heal codependency characteristics – AKA emotional pain

***Foster healthy relationships with all those in your life

Enjoy the wisdom of a variety of men, women, and youth who share their insights and stories, and feel free to share your own.  After all, sharing is a big part of healing.

We really want you to experience a happier, more fulfilling life and we’re dedicated to helping you use spiritual (faith-filled) principles to do so!

We hold the view that all life is sacred.

We are all sacred expressions of this living force we call “God”.

And this, dear friends, is so very exciting!

Dominica Applegate
Sacred Codependency Recovery 

Dominica is an author and writer dedicated to assisting others heal on every level. She’s passionate about things like codependency recovery, spirituality, fitness, and community.  Her background is addiction and mental health, working 12 years in the field before launching her own business.  

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