In Gratitude: Seek The Light


What you seek, you will find. Well, for the most part.

Today is Thanksgiving and I’m certainly grateful for so many things – the good and not so good. I find myself this morning looking for the good. The Light. The things that truly warm my heart, make me feel loved, and make me feel meaningful and blessed.

The world’s in some pretty tough times in some spots, but that’s nothing new.  If we’re just looking for what’s wrong with the world, that’s pretty much all we’re going to focus on.  It was the same thousands of years ago. Wars. Famine. Selfish leaders who did not have the general public’s best interests at heart.

But you know what Jesus did? He spent many days looking for opportunity to bless others. He was led by compassion and light, connecting deeply with those who were struggling.

Like when he saw the blind men. It says Jesus “had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately they received their sight and followed him.”

When Jesus was out and about teaching, he had compassion on those that were sick and healed them.

Notice that Jesus noticed people in every way, shape, and form. He lived and breathed compassion. Why? Because he was that connected to the Power that backed him: God.

I’ll admit I spend far too much time absorbed in my own life; My will. My desires. My fears or worries or whatever.  There’s more I could be noticing out there. There’s more compassion that could be flowing through me.

And, yes, I’m committing to becoming more like Jesus on that end. Granted, maybe if I knew that if I laid hands on people, they’d immediately heal, I’d be out there healing people more often. However, I’ll admit my faith level is not quite there….


Jesus was the compassion King. He responded to people, rather than reacting harshly. He was gentle. Loving. Kind. Oh, for that kind of revival to sweep the planet!

Today, I’m in gratitude for all that is great in my life. I’m also grateful for the many lessons learned in the dark times. I’m grateful that the God in me…the God behind me is always working in me, molding me to be more like Jesus.  More loving. More compassionate. More willing to notice those in need and actually do something about it.

Compassion is the light that will illuminate darkness. May we go deep inside and dig it up – that bright light – and light up the world.